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Different means of Public Transport in the UK

Posted May 16, 2015 by admin


It isn’t always vital to be the owner of a car in the UK.  You can travel all around the UK by different means of public transport such as train, bus, or taxi. Here is a brief introduction of the different modes of transportation.

·        Travelling by Train

Railway system in the UK is a very good source of transport by which you can reach just about every area by train. There are a lot of companies companies which are working to keep up the nationwide and local systems. A good thing about train tickets is that prices vary significantly. Travel through train is a very calm way. Fast trains help you to easily travel between cities and airports. Distance time between  London Heathrow to the city center is just takes 15 minutes.

The accurate fare of your train ticket depends on the distance and time of your travel. You can also book your tickets, the train network in which you want to travel, in advance. If you are a regular train traveler, you can get Britrail passes, in this way you have a great deal with them and also can save a lot of money and time. But you have to remember one thing that these passes cannot be used on the National Rail network, which also makes up a significant share of public transport in the UK.

·        Travelling by Coach and Bus

By bus or coach, you can explore the country on a very cheap cost. So, it’s a very suitable option for visiting the UK. Different companies are working for maintaining this cheap visiting system. They help visitors to visit historical places. Important thing should remember that you have to purchase a coach ticket in advance because they can’t be bought tickets directly at the time of boarding. You can simply visit and explore the different cities and towns by bus. Tickets can be bought by driver or from local travel centers. Keep in mind that, single tickets are valid for only one person travel.

·        Travelling by Taxi in UK

Traveling in public transportation gets really daring. It’s difficult to wait for the bus and travelling with different people is very annoying. Taking the taxi might be a convenient alternative. There are different taxi services available for peoples. You can get taxi service according to your budget and schedule. Chester taxis are available from various companies which offer you quality services and packages.

·        Travelling by Minicabs

Minicabs are the low-cost public transport or taxi service in the UK. You can be hired the minicab in advance. There is no meter in minicab. Therefore, you have to ask the fare about the journey and distance from the place from the driver before sitting in the minicab. The important thing to note that you have to travel only in licensed minicabs to ensure your safety. In spite of everything, minicabs from unlicensed suppliers are illegitimate, uninsured, and potentially insecure for their travelers.

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